What is Compassion?

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Your Nectar Compassion

You are beautiful, O Being Absolute,
I am Your slave.
In Your Victory is my victory,
My endless rapture.
My heart has suffered infinite pangs to know You.
Therefore I hurl the arrows of my sulk venom
at Your Heart.
Freed from errors, thought abolished,
No desire have I now.
O Beauty Transcendental,
I am the slave of Your Nectar Compassion.

Excerpt from "My Flute"
© Sri Chinmoy 1974

I know what it is to have passion.. But what of Compassion?

To help alleviate the suffering would mean rather than suffering along with others, to be altruistic or empathic of the suffering of others... To lend help to those in despair..

And to do so not out of obligation, but because we truly and sincerely care. I hope everyone engages in such practice from here on out and everywhere!

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