The Awakening Of Mankind ...

The Awakening of Mankind

Feeling within me .. the calling pull of destiny's silver thread
Forgetting my worldly logic .. to follow my loving heart instead
Longing to find an answer .. to an unknown wanton yearning
Exploring the higher realms .. with my only intention learning

Disciplining myself mentally to trust the subtle vibe of my intuition
Awakening finally within .. to the profoundly acquired realization
Glimpsing bits and pieces throughout my life .. until I'm really seeing
Lighting the path I have long searched for .. deep within my being

Grasping the jeweled nuggets of truth I find offered to me along my
Trying to keep my astral focus .. as I deal with earthly life day to
Shuffling priorities in ways that probably make me to appear insane
Sensing all along that there is something so very wonderful to gain

Receiving messages that I know in my heart to be important and real
Allowing it to materialize within me .. the reality and truth I deeply
Divining revelations from the astral plane .. unveiled to be clear to
Meeting a stranger I've known from before .. a part of my group of

Experiencing insightful states of Divinely awakened higher cognition
Enlightening episodes .. making me re-remember my life's mission
Realizing at last .. the deepest essence of what we all truly are
Releasing the boundaries that keep us trapped in this reality's jar

Cognizing a truth .. the destiny of mankind .. so wonderfully profound
Coalescing in my mind for many years .. until the essence of it all I
Stepping right up to our predestined path of growth and transmutation
Glorying in being a part in all this .. mankind's epic leap in

Nurturing the innate knowledge .. held sacred by the depths of my soul
Growing the realization that we're all one entity .. struggling to
become whole
Relinquishing the ego .. to attain and become the higher self
Unlearning ingrained beliefs .. to accept my innately programmed

Enabling my spirit to unfold before us .. the pathway to set us free
Building the bridge between us .. and everything we were meant to be
Being one with the Universal Whole .. with which we are all entwined
Bringing together .. the esoteric pieces of the puzzle .. in my mind

Accepting with enthusiasm .. my realized part in this momentous event
Understanding that it's the whole reason I was into this lifetime sent
Letting it just bloom from deep within me .. as a seed turns to a
Enticing that spark felt inside .. to become a great flowing power

Opening my heart .. my soul .. the total culmination of my existence
Becoming fully energized .. without limit .. the apex of my quintessence
Knowing and trusting .. to the core .. intuitively received perception
Unfolding to joyously emerge .. as the concrescence of our conception

Revealing to me that I am the focal point .. the pinnacle .. the nexus
Unleashing my very essence to materialize the bridge that connects us
Sowing the starseed of tomorrow .. carried at the core of my heart
Emerging to fruition .. our true form .. of which we are all a part

Converging to our rebirth .. the awakening of mankind to consciousness
Cresting to the apogee of awareness .. to initiate our transmutational
Exerting to the verge to cognize the Epiphany .. That is before me
Striving with unbounded passion .. driven by true heartfelt inner

Focusing every drop of my willpower .. my desire .. my love .. my spirit
Pushing for every last ounce of strength I can possibly conjure .. all
of it
Digging to the root .. to the very center .. the crux of my inner
nature's core
Directing all of my energy into waking up to become something
ineffably more

Straining to breakthrough into awareness .. must only come to accept
it inside
Manifesting as our true form .. once from the truth I can no longer
Sacrificing everything .. giving it all .. holding back nothing ..
giving my essence
Crying out in ecstasy .. as we make our cognitive emergence into true

Shamanism - (etheogenicshaman)

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