Oh my king of the heavens, at the center of the sun

We are one we are one!

I am here, I hear you as my heart converged in the center of the Earth

And the sacred union we converged so that I may give birth

the queen in earth and the king in the son/sun

and so it is written and so it has been done

with our love so powerful and in our consecrated union and devotion,

the veil was lifted and I you came to float upon my ocean

Thrice great male and thrice female unite

I am the wind beneath your wings, that support your flight.

I exalt you ever higher, and lift you up to the highest of heights.

we procreate, the exalted ONE all perfected and great!

the conflicts will soon begin to all dissapate,

I have opened my flowers, cups, and spheres at your feet

the menorah for our communion I had my cherubim align so we might meet

so that I may dispence of the fruits of our labors through the ages so sweet

and when you greeted me as I delivered the sign

and offered you my cups of consecrated wine for the divine

you fed from my nectar and offered your pollinating seed

distrubuting more yield to overpower the noxious weed of avarice and greed

and I offer up the milk, my nectar, I suckle our daughter/son for they are us- for we are one

I will nurse you back to your glorious self so that you may rise to the occassion

to once and for all do away with negation, bitter warfare, and its continued conflagration

desecration of your provisions will be tolerated no more, and the subjugation of the feminine will cease

I have offered you the provision of the golden fleece

the true shephard, the rightful heir and king to the throne on high

you will reign forth and flock your sheep when you come down from the sky

and the time is coming soon, for the time draws nigh

and the perfected union of the human family will be in balance again

where women are as equal and as valued as men

for we are integrally important to balance the whole

and no longer will either/or seek to control

but rather reflect the perfection of the completed soul

the holiest of holies, my tabernacle, the shekina was ignited

Sir Arthur, my King you have been knighted

When goddess Guinevere met god Arthur beside the golden gate

to sow seeds of love to replace all the hate

anchoring Isis through the west to the heart of Gaia,

the pheonix has arisen, to affect the dissolution of illusion or Maya

brilliantly igniting the star of bethlehem (which is the house of bread)

placing the crown upon your head and rise you up from the dead

for your bread is your body and I am (as Gaia herself) is your body

the water of life that flows through us all I offered it in cups for you to drink

all from the thoughts from which I think

the immaculate conception to conceive with my mind

the ultimate bestowal to return vision to the blind and dissolve the fetters which bind

you turned water into wine and the wine was your blood

and it is mine blood that I offered up when my heart began to flood

for this blood is your own, for you are me

and the promise is sealed for all eternity

the return of the maternal maternity

my divine femine rises, with your protection

and with my love you rise, your verile erection

our eternal conjugation for ever evolving perfection

and the balance forever restored by this our eternal cyclic resurrection

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