My heart is ripe

like a giant artichoke

all purple and inviting


Oh honey!

The sun...

your love made me bloom,

and I invite you back to me

and you cannot resist me

our sacred attraction

that divine sex that makes such sweetness

I am glad to be such a flower

and for you to taste of my nectar and make more of that sweetness

for when you taste me, oh the exstacy!

Making love with you- the love of all loves

is indescribably glorious!

Glory Glory!

Morning Glory

This is a flower too, and I am that star flower

forever a bloom for the eternal morning of the golden dawn

the golden dawn...

Dawn is my name too

the eternal sun rise

you oh ONE have risen

for that is what you are

never fallen - always risen

and I always bloom in your light.

that is what I do

I Forever bloom

I blossom

my womb

and you merge with me

oh and the pairing

the mating

your love of my flowers

and my love of your being in my flowers

makes me want to bloom

So I bloom


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