Big Heart Big Mind

...of all those alive today must be mindful of the ONE. Synchronize our hearts and minds to the will of peace. We must UNITE as one, dissolve the ideologies of us vs. them. To get rid of the enemy mentality believe in the mantra:

join in meditating for the coming of a conscious evolution of being.

We need to unite

all cultures

all faiths

all ages

all genders

True Power is not in arbitrary possessions. Money is merely earth substances (papers, gems, and metals). Those who amass such materials are deluded in thinking they have all the power.

The power belongs to all who live.

Our power is greater than the few who seek to control it.

Face the tyranny of those who condone oppression and we will contain their malevolence. We have the control and the power and the glory.

Call for a cessation of hostilities wherever they surface- become active and strive for peace and love and justice.

The web of life is more precious than they know and we must teach those who have forgotten.

The time has come to be mindful and hearful. We must unite. Our principle wisdom organs- our hearts and minds in synchronous harmony- under sheer will alone will address the need for balance.

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