love and light
seek me and
you will
release your fetters of the night

within your sight
you have the choice
to do what is right.

What is right you might ask?
(you know in your heart of hearts what is true)

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

the divine golden mean
the universal code

revere and respect it
and vibrate in the higher mode.

those who are incarnate to this- the holy way

resonate to these words

resonate with what I say

send out the strength of this harmonic.
the cosmic force will overrule the demonic.

All you have to do is believe
strength in numbers will surely relieve
the darkness that binds,
for evil cannot control free minds.

awaken your spirit,
your mind
and your heart

call out in service to others
you will find your start.

is it no wonder evil is the opposite of live?
you get back more from what you give.

lift off the veil that clouds your seeing
become a light seeing consciousness

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