I say unto thee

for I am within you

and you are within me

I know that you hear

I know that you see

For it is you that I hear

For it is you that I see

The sweet blessed truth

the love eternal ::and more::

For thou giveth to me

I also giveth to thou

I offer my gift to

the bestowal of NOW

OOO the sacred bliss

I seal my promises with an eternal kiss

OOO Beloved ONE

you fulfill my hearts desires


Verily, I say unto thee

I freely give unto thee of me

I seek to fulfill thine own hearts desires

the eternal exchange

the blessed bestowal of gifts

::::to lift lift lift lift lift::::

OOO sweet sacred eternal love and bliss

I kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss

I open my flower in eternal bloom

I invite you into my blessed womb

I conceive of thee :::INFINITY:::

All that led to the creation of me

I return to thee and MORE

I open my heart to fuse with thine

to illuminate the incandescant illumine shine

For I am yours

and I am thine

Verily I say unto thee

For I wed you and you wed me

I remember who I am

for you called out my name

I rise to the occassion

your eternal twin flame

Sweet sacred unity

Alpha Omega Ankh

The Ark of the Covenant

I open my chest

I give of my treasure freely

I willfully choose to fulfill the ALL desire

for I desire to fulfill the eternal desire

the eternal bestowal

the sacred fire

I shall never tire

As you've ignited me

I ignite thee

Ingite thee ::::MORE::::

than was ever thought possible before

the realm of infinite possibilities

I bestow my gift

to realize this with ease

to the eternal union

of wedded bliss

my devotion to thee I seal with a


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