An Allegory

it rained today

upon my face

from the storm clouds 

that thundered in my thoughts

the downpour

drenching my center

erupting an emotional flood

the dam of my denial

could not

hold back 

all the pressure


the levers

my eyes


the waters

to flow

suddenly within that state

surfaced a solution

to turn my sorrow

into something beautiful...

so I created

an allegory...

I Am

Transcendental Thought

one hears another say
everything is dying
but one
also sees everything
is living

and just as everyone
is suffering
so too is everyone

just as so many
feel so separate
and alone
we are one
and together

beyond the scope
of subjective-isms
of self vs.
them & other

beyond the
ideology of
living one's truth
others truth means
to hell with everyone else
I must serve myself

::there is another self::

one that serves
the other
loves the other

despite how much
they hurt
they abandon
they kill
they hate
because "they"
has always
and ever
has been
we is us
us is me
is I AM

In that I am-ness
in the trancendental

away from they
are what I am not

where all is
i am

it is in that space
that you will
find you

and the
idea of me
and you
them and us
matters not

save the one

all is as one

beyond the surface
beyond the
veil of separation
from any
people's portion

we are IT
all is now
now is IT
IT IS...

is is is is is is is



so what does one
as one
for one

do with this

give to one
accept one
love one
be one

The Ocean Said to Me Once

The ocean said to me once,
Yonder on the shore
Is a woman, weeping.
I have watched her.
Go you and tell her this --
Her lover I have laid
In cool green hall.
There is wealth of golden sand
And pillars, coral-red;
Two white fish stand guard at his bier.

"Tell her this
And more --
That the king of the seas
Weeps too, old, helpless man.
The bustling fates
Heap his hands with corpses
Until he stands like a child
With a surplus of toys."

Stephen Crane
(born on
11/01 also)

Choice in Affirmation

I choose to live by choice,

Not by chance.

I choose to make changes,

Not excuses.

I choose to be motivated,

Not manipulated.

I choose to be useful,

Not used.

I choose self-esteem,

Not self-pity.

I choose to excel,

Not compete.

I choose to listen to the Inner-Voice,

Not the random opinions of others.

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