Divine Love

Spread the love

its so easy to do

just feeling it in oneself

strenghtens love anew

recycling divine energy to manifest more light

redress the wounds and heal them right

harness the cosmos to make the love light shine

that power is bequeethed as yours and mine

we can refine

the fabric of life sublime

in our space and time

and prepare the ladder

so all might climb

out of the hole

we keep on digging

clear the path of thorns and walls

sound the bells through the halls

of the holy temples

so loud none can miss the sound

so none are lost and all are found

and we ALL resound

and no longer confound

our place upon this holy ground

The harm we've done will fall away

we'll heal the wounds

we'll see the day

when all is at peace

and no one will hate

and that time WILL come

that is our fate

if we but wish to manifest this

and I KNOW we do

so spread forth that loving light that moves through you.

That is what we were meant to do...

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MIRABAI said...

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