For You

If the waters cleanse

let the waters of my life stream

cleanse all the people

of the impurity

of the pollution

let my waters be this

with our unity

our passion

and burning fire

let it be so...

if you are the dough

let me be the yeast

so that you may rise

let me be that one special

secret ingredient that

makes the perfect magical meal

and let me be the plate that

serves it up too!

I am that magic pixie dust

I am that faerie

your wish is my command

great genie

What is thy bidding my master?

I shall be that genie you dream of.

I want to give you all your heart desires.

that is my passion

for you of ALL

deserve nothing less!

Let me congeal that perfect

perfection we long for

where all is at peace

where all is conjoined in blissful harmony

for all is you and I want only the Absolute BEST for you oh ONE!

I desire so strongly for there to be balance

where it is so inpenetrable and strong

that it shall never falter

I am that pillar that holds the house up just so

and it will remain steadfast

just as much as my devotion to you

let me be your consort

to sort out all that you want sorted

our consumation

that divine union

our sacred communion

I am the DEW

and the Honey

and the milk

that fine weaver of silk

let me spin a new web of life

that is filled with lovers knowing of you Oh ONE!

and completely enamored

thor hammers it out

I just offer my alchemical metals

my flower petals

smell my fragrance?

let it permeate all those places that need freshening!

I want to be that elixer that restores

Let my waters be that

secret pool where ALL is in love

and ALL swim in the pool

let me be the ONE

who made ALL the difference

The ONE for ALL

that made the call of all calls

the blackbird singing in the dead of night

I've taken wing

I'm in flight

if any part of you is blind

I want to restore your sight

whatever went wrong

I want to make it right

allow me to heal thee

for I AM the salve

no part of you should suffer

I love you too much for that!

let me give that special mothers kiss to make all the hurt go away.

the new day

oh it shall be glorious! Glory! US!

We are


and I AM transfixed

all is fixed

this fixation of the goal

completed soul where ALLAH is whole

If there are holes, let me be the filler

if there are gaps, I shall be the bridge

I will be the ladder

so you can reach the heights you want to go

the only catch to my ladder is there is no way but up

for my rungs below fall away

I would do anything

for You

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