Beginning That I Am Beginning


the new living word springs forth from the ONE

for although what has been said can be undone, so too shall I never be outdone

the holy writ, the seed of the dawn

NOW is the time when the chosen move on

For the power of wills has been offered to all


your free will is in the power of your choice

the golden rule that has pervaded the ages

has been channeled through the wisest of sages

simple- divine - if thou chooseth to see it

unshackle your love, un-bind it and free it

the darkness has riddled and meddled your mind

yet the light is illuminating and gentle, merciful and kind

you choose in your thought, your actions, your will

choose wisely my brethren on what to fulfill

disavow yourself from the sacraficial greed

the avarice, the cruilty, the seperating illusory deeds

which allows such treachery and bloodletting bleeds

the hearts of mankind can choose which to feed

the sickening doom and an end

or the healing dawn and transcend

it is truly that simple

it is exceedingly clear

the path of opaque darkness, where blind leads the blind

take off your bindings which fetter your mind

How dost thou riddle the goodness with hate?

How dost thou lessen the ONE that is great

Oblivious and asleep, zombies feed upon death

unbeholden to the life giveing breath

we castigate those who give in to this defiant decay

there will come a time when this fades away

look toward the light, the dawn of the new day


Listen my children- to what I now say

there is a GREAT POWER in what you pray


for ALL OF YOU hold the keys to salvation

and you longingly call out for it during your trials and tribulations

For you know not that you can choose the elation

You seek it out believeing it comes from another

you believe in the past, and the falshoods that keep you enslaved

cast away the idea that you can not know

do not allow others to not allow you/us to grow

for it is I who am in you

and you who are with in me

this intrinsik link of the incarnate divinity

For Christos, Allah, YHVH, Krshna, Boddhitsatva, the ONE

the Father, the Mother/the daughter/the son

the quadranges, the four corners, the holy land of the cross

the stories of Aeons, the dream through all time

this life manifest, this life is sublime

this life that is , that is yours and mine

the unity, the betrothal, the holy matrimony- The Shekina

the ascention of ALL the the host of hosts

the truth, the holy- the holiest of holy ghosts

the feminine eternal calls out in her sorrow

a repentance a pleading for a better tomorrow

to heal all the sickness- the disease and the plagues of dark death

to re-establish the houses of the holy, to re-affirm the life giving breath

the love- most profound with the sincerest of soul

the grand sublimation, the surrender, a removal of the desire to control

to give for the sake of true freedom, the egalitarial release

in a not too distant future the oppression will cease

the more of you choose to look into and feed into the light

WILL overturn the dark fetters of blinding night

to dissolve what is wrong and to fuse what is right

Righteousness for righteousness sake will no longer be forsaken

for the will fo the many growing collectively, sewing seeds from the tree that is shaken.

for the resurrection of Christos for the time to AWAKEN

Krishna is not somewone seperate from you

unless you give in to the lie and deny what is true

the Vedas, the Sufi's, the Gnostics, the Buddhas,

they all sought to impart the truth to you

the unfortunate part is that it was and has always been burdened by the fallen

they take of the treasures and utilize it for sacreligious devotion

twist the offerings and poison the ocean

you drink of this concoction and taste of its death

and become addicted to this toxic elixer and in turn poison the breath

this cyclic destructivism left unheeded-unchecked

through the cycles of time, now you you must all circumspect

what should interest you now is to engage with the living

to embody the Christ and to graciously accept and offer your own light for the giving

for there is a greatness of which is not known to you

which will become apparent and will be offered to those who seek it

the blessed sweet sanctimonious feast

a lift of the curse- a taming of the beast

To heal the festering wounds- to allow them to mend

is to put a moratorium on the struggle of mankind without end

it is as simple as a choice to follow orders from man

or be a free thinker and follow your heart

you know - DEEP DOWN - your power of free will

it is simple to choose which part you seek to fulfill

::::and that is just the start::::

A great labor has begun

the rebirth will be exceedingly great

A return to the beginning with a clean slate

the coming of christ, of which you all anticipate

will rise up with the dissolution of hate

The jihad, the GREATER is truly within

all of the muslims must OBJECT to sin

Mohammed was blessed and then gave in to the fallen

read the book which he authored and you will see which passages do not ring true

all the ones which allude to the good and the light and the ones which profess love and require you give all

the ones which rejoice in the power of Allah and the inherant right of the innocent to live

all those places which exalt the most high

THOSE were decreed by the lords in the sky...

But when the hatred that beckons those to subjugate and oppress,

darkens the light and creates the bloodletting mess

Where arabic families strive to kill in the name of Allah

the lesson unlearned, the conflagration of war most unholy

Know this!

All beings residing on Earth

There is a REASON you are here

a reason for your birth

be empowered! be exalted! RISE up to this need!

to feed into this host in her time of need

to reject the modus operandi of greed

to rise up as brothers and sisters of the light

to resist the temptation to allegiance with night

there is but ONE

the human race- the seperate illusion-

your fall from grace

Reunite the family

let class, race, gender, and all status and labels be gone

now is the time for your conscience to move on

NOW is the eternal essence of being

take heed in the wonder of the mystery you are seeing

STOP all the trivial anthropocentric rules

that retard your wisdom and breed only fools

We are a patient observer, patiently waiting

the next level is awaiting all who seek to rise to this occasion

and with all that ascend comes a great salutation

and sacred blessed baptising consecrations

dost thou believeth?

Dost thou know there is light?

Dost thou have faith that there is indeed a path to take flight?

For all that is revealed entwined with what is concealed

dig through the mud for the jewels within

rise up to the knowing - remove oneself from the SIN

And remember, There is NO END!

there is only BEGIN!

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