My Heart Sings

The swan song

earned me wings

My heart Soars

I am the ocean

and the waves upon the shores

and the shores upon the sands of time

this life's sublime

This sacred tree

is you and me

and we

are all infinitely

a part of the branches

and roots

and shoots

strumming our lutes

each one of us a sacred string

resonating in an orchestra of ONE

We are all tuning up for the prelude

awaiting the conductor

The masterful composer

the one who arranged us all to play

The illumination of our being

powering up our songs of love

in turn illuminating the fabric of life

adding our threads to the tapestry

the web we weave

a net to catch all those

who lose balance on the tightrope

WE are all in this together and together we see it through

and through

We offer up our power in our will to raise the bar

and in doing so, we become a star

a brilliant shining light

bestowing blessings to ourself

"know thineself"

that self is all there is

and we give to all there is, was, and ever shall be

A gift to thee from me

As a gift to you

Our gifts we bring from us for thine

We all are ONE

We are all DIVINE

and we SHINE!

Our origins are coming to the foreground

As we tune up to the homecoming sound

We resonate and chime in

The conductor's tapping with the stick

as we all await the moment when we begin

Begin to hear ourselves playing the song of the ages

The one foretold by the wisest of sages

and start to write a new world on lifes unwritten pages

our hearts- the sorcerers stones

a treasure without measure

and we all sing our songs of pleasure

giving thanks for having this gift we call life

boundless and beautious

and breathtaking and bright

We are about to have that feast

where we take the first bite

a glorious moment

standing at the precipice about to take flight

Many fledgling spirits hatched and exploring outside their nests

Meeting the Host of hosts and we are the guests

Ringing the doorbell, the bell sounds in our breasts

oscillating in rythym

our cosmic dance of love

restoring the provisions- as below, so above

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