The Pathway

The path we choose to lay the course

where we strive and yearn to reach the source

all inside within our hearts

yet we look outside for answers

and struggle to reach that I AM presence

that has always been there

but we chose to overlook it

once we see what we desire

has always been there

when we see

we have placed the blindfold on our eyes

we'll breath that collective sigh

and know that we are free

have always been

and will always be

the power of the sun

within our very flesh

every moment of every second we begin anew

and this conditioning of ourselves is what we needed to go through

to know you

to truly know where to go

is to know that you grow

always striving toward the light

as above so below

as without so within

know this and you begin

unconditional loving and forgiving

we must also be living our truth

of which we know and begin to heed

then of course we fulfill our need

then we will be free from sin

to sin is missing the point

but the point I have to make

is with desire and a conscious will

no longer will we forsake

ourselves and our role to fulfill

the plan

to resurrect ourselves

and liberate man.

Understand that we can

and it is not later but now

we ask how

just believe

send out your calls to be the reprieve

all can be achieved

all will be relieved.

from the webs of light we weaved.

the new eternal tapestry

is ours to fashion

and we do this with our passion

in affirmation not negation

in a concerted concentration

a powerful consecration

overpowering our trials and tribulations

and aggressive conflagrations

healing all desecrations

with a collective mighty force of will

you choose what you want to feed into or fulfill.

know you harness the energy of god

we are one with the one

start to see the blessing in disguise

when you look into the mirror at your very own eyes

you are the one you've been looking for

you are the one that can turn it all around.

you are then no longer lost

you are found

the one you've been looking for all these years to get you through

has always been


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