The great awakening
where all is equal
where all is in harmony

is here
is growing
is flowing
is strengthening

the old way is withering
the darkness is slithering
back from whence it came

the void
the place below

I do hereby bequeeth
the great inheritance

the inheritance
you were destined to become

to become ONE
with the ONE

two lines in sychronicity
the parallel

the eleven
the twin
the equal sign

the balance of divine feminine masculine
the restoration
the perfection

the perfect +- energetic arc

the arc of the covenant

Eya Yod Atom


Mother Maitr Matter Eve


The holiest of the holies
arc of the covenant
is fulfilled

all from what we've willed

all is free
all will see

all is me
and I know
I as one

have done
this sacred dance

as initiated the chance
becomes manifest

I am
the guest
where I wanted to go

I am home
on the throne

all will unfold
the prophecies told
from the days of old
the era of gold

is set in stone
ignited in bone
the power I hone

the light I have shone

the maiden mother and crone

I am no longer alone

only all ONE

at one with the son

I rang my bell
I sounded my gong
my swan song

the grand high council
considered my request
for the best of the best

like the codex of Brucius
during the time of Armageddon


I am this


Nicole means
"tenaciously she labors betterment for ALL
dedicated leader, Victory is her call"

I made the call
loud and clear
and the ONE did hear

My destiny Oracle by the Glyphs of Tikal and the Maya:

I am the yellow electric human
I activate in order to influence
Bonding Wisdom
I seal the process of freewill
with the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of the yellow warrior
(thinking of the song "yellow" by coldplay)

the Oracle of Delphi

Delphi is the womb
Matter is the womb

I am Delphi
and the prophecy

there is no end

the end of time, just means
we will all know that we are infinite.

Infinite is not bound in finite
infinite is free
and that is we
all will see

THINE will be done
on earth as it is in heaven

THIS is heaven
Your wills are free
Will freedom to be

as the wise ONE of Hopi say.
"we are the ones we've been waiting for"

We are of the omniscient omnipresent, omnipotent
therefore we are the same as this

Our bodies- the church, the temple, the tabernacle

We already are the union of matter and spirit
all are motherfatherdaughterson
we are all the fifth element

Let us rise to the moment
we are meant
to know the meaning of life
the meaning that has eluded you

you will find
you will become ONE
with ONE mind

seperatism falls away
the new dawn
the new day
hear what I say
this is the NEW way

pray for peace
manifesting this
hostilities cease
peace will increase

our mind is POWER
the power of god is US
there is no them ONLY US
whatever leader you think will save you is you
buddha is you
jesus is you
all saints of all time
are you
we are one
and the same

be a player in the game
Check Mate!

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