Let Me Be

let me be
the forcefield that
blocks all the cruel intentions

let me be
the coagulent to stave
all this bloodletting

let me be
the protective coating
to allow the wound to heal

let me be
the energy to heal
even the wounds that are infected

let me be
the part of you that
regenerates where necrosis has had its way with you

let me be
the one who turned your life around
and got you off the gurney

let me be
the loving embrace
that rose you back from torment

let me be
the stillness where
any of thine mind which is lost in the storm can find shelter

let me be
the comfort to calm
ALL of your hearts in distress

let me be
the one heart and mind
that turned everything around

let me be
that beckoning sound
that inspired you to find me

let me be
the songbird
that gave you delight

let me be
that light
that you've been longing to find
while part of you was lost in the dark

let me be
the love in your heart that
makes everything that led up to now worthwhile

let me be
the life in your being
that invigorates you and rejuvenates you

let me be
the one in your program to
defrag the hard drive

let me be
the one that made all the difference

let me be
the one that allowed you to rest
when you needed it most

let me be the one
that came when
no one else would

let me be the one
that ended all the struggle

let me be the swaddling blanket
for the new born age
and the booties and the little hat

let me be
the nursemaiden and the milk
to make the newly born age strong and healthy

let me be the one
who gave you peace

at long last
the one who gave
until you no longer needed anything
and we could
just be together
in love forever....

and perfect
and in peace
and together
in harmony
and repose
and rest

I give off this from mine breast
my love for thee
for you from me

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