My Song

I am like a nightingale

who sings out in the night when all are sleeping

I am like the hummingbird

whose song is so high, most do not notice

but my song has not gone unheard

a few have listened

and fewer have really heard

and yet I called out in my loudest tones

my song for all to hear

and my song was love

I know not what else I could offer

but my swan song

it seemed my life was only meant for thus

to offer my sweet sorrows

and desire to wake the sleeping

and my song went out into the ethers

and I was heard by a divine lover

and my call was answered

and now we make music together

and manifest more of that love

to spread through the cosmos

to weave a greater fabric

for our shape shifting being.

Flowing through me are the life's waters

and I'm assisted by my divine lover

as a Nereid to help all those lost in the stormy seas

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