__.:*|~The Kingdoms of Greater Knowledge~|*:.__

The Kingdoms of the Greater Knowledge

After a measureless moment of the soul
Again returning to these surface fields
Out of the timeless depths where he had sunk,
He heard once more the slow tread of the hours.
All once perceived and lived was far away;
Himself was to himself his only scene.
Above the Witness and his universe
He stood in a realm of boundless silences
Awaiting the Voice that spoke and built the worlds.
A light was round him wide and absolute,
A diamond purity of eternal sight;
A consciousness lay still, devoid of forms,
Free, wordless, uncoerced by sign or rule,
For ever content with only being and bliss;
A sheer existence lived in its own peace
On the single spirit's bare and infinite ground.
Out of the sphere of Mind he had arisen,
He had left the reign of Nature's hues and shades;
He dwelt in his self's colourless purity.
It was a plane of undetermined spirit
That could be a zero or round sum of things,
A state in which all ceased and all began.
All it became that figures the absolute,
A high vast peak whence Spirit could see the worlds,
Calm's wide epiphany, wisdom's mute home,
A lonely station of Omniscience,
A diving-board of the Eternal's power,
A white floor in the house of All-Delight.
Here came the thought that passes beyond Thought,
Here the still Voice which our listening cannot hear,
The Knowledge by which the knower is the known,

The Love in which beloved and lover are one.
All stood in an original plenitude,
Hushed and fulfilled before they could create
The glorious dream of their universal acts;
Here was engendered the spiritual birth,
Here closed the finite's crawl to the Infinite.
A thousand roads leaped into Eternity
Or singing ran to meet God's veilless face.
The Known released him from its limiting chain;
He knocked at the doors of the Unknowable.
Thence gazing with an immeasurable outlook
One with self's inlook into its own pure vasts,
He saw the splendour of the spirit's realms,
The greatness and wonder of its boundless works,
The power and passion leaping from its calm,
The rapture of its movement and its rest,
And its fire-sweet miracle of transcendent life,
The million-pointing undivided grasp
Of its vision of one same stupendous All,
Its inexhaustible acts in a timeless Time,
A space that is its own infinity.
A glorious multiple of one radiant Self,
Answering to joy with joy, to love with love,
All there were moving mansions of God-bliss;
Eternal and unique they lived the One.
There forces are great outbursts of God's truth
And objects are its pure spiritual shapes;
Spirit no more is hid from its own view,
All sentience is a sea of happiness
And all creation is an act of light.
Out of the neutral silence of his soul
He passed to its fields of puissance and of calm
And saw the Powers that stand above the world,
Traversed the realms of the supreme Idea
And sought the summit of created things
And the almighty source of cosmic change.

There Knowledge called him to her mystic peaks
Where thought is held in a vast internal sense
And feeling swims across a sea of peace
And vision climbs beyond the reach of Time.
An equal of the first creator seers,
Accompanied by an all-revealing light
He moved through regions of transcendent Truth
Inward, immense, innumerably one.
There distance was his own huge spirit's extent;
Delivered from the fictions of the mind
Time's triple dividing step baffled no more;
Its inevitable and continuous stream,
The long flow of its manifesting course,
Was held in spirit's single wide regard.
A universal beauty showed its face:
The invisible deep-fraught significances,
Here sheltered behind form's insensible screen,
Uncovered to him their deathless harmony
And the key to the wonder-book of common things.
In their uniting law stood up revealed
The multiple measures of the upbuilding force,
The lines of the World-Geometer's technique,
The enchantments that uphold the cosmic web
And the magic underlying simple shapes.
On peaks where Silence listens with still heart
To the rhythmic metres of the rolling worlds,
He served the sessions of the triple Fire.
On the rim of two continents of slumber and trance
He heard the ever unspoken Reality's voice
Awaken revelation's mystic cry,
The birthplace found of the sudden infallible Word
And lived in the rays of an intuitive Sun.
Absolved from the ligaments of death and sleep
He rode the lightning seas of cosmic Mind
And crossed the ocean of original sound;
On the last step to the supernal birth
He trod along extinction's narrow edge
Near the high verges of eternity,
And mounted the gold ridge of the world-dream
Between the slayer and the saviour fires;
The belt he reached of the unchanging Truth,
Met borders of the inexpressible Light
And thrilled with the presence of the Ineffable.
Above him he saw the flaming Hierarchies,
The wings that fold around created Space,
The sun-eyed Guardians and the golden Sphinx
And the tiered planes and the immutable Lords.
A wisdom waiting on Omniscience
Sat voiceless in a vast passivity;
It judged not, measured not, nor strove to know,
But listened for the veiled all-seeing Thought
And the burden of a calm transcendent Voice.
He had reached the top of all that can be known:
His sight surpassed creation's head and base;
Ablaze the triple heavens revealed their suns,
The obscure Abyss exposed its monstrous rule.
All but the ultimate Mystery was his field,
Almost the Unknowable disclosed its rim.
His self's infinities began to emerge,
The hidden universes cried to him;
Eternities called to eternities
Sending their speechless message still remote.
Arisen from the marvel of the depths
And burning from the superconscious heights
And sweeping in great horizontal gyres
A million energies joined and were the One.
All flowed immeasurably to one sea:
All living forms became its atom homes.
A Panergy that harmonised all life
Held now existence in its vast control;
A portion of that majesty he was made.
At will he lived in the unoblivious Ray.
In that high realm where no untruth can come,
Where all are different and all is one,
In the Impersonal's ocean without shore
The Person in the World-Spirit anchored rode;
It thrilled with the mighty marchings of World-Force,
Its acts were the comrades of God's infinite peace.
An adjunct glory and a symbol self,
The body was delivered to the soul,--
An immortal point of power, a block of poise
In a cosmicity's wide formless surge,
A conscious edge of the Transcendent's might
Carving perfection from a bright world-stuff,
It figured in it a universe's sense.
There consciousness was a close and single weft;
The far and near were one in spirit-space,
The moments there were pregnant with all time.
The superconscient's screen was ripped by thought,
Idea rotated symphonies of sight,
Sight was a flame-throw from identity;
Life was a marvellous journey of the spirit,
Feeling a wave from the universal Bliss.
In the kingdom of the Spirit's power and light,
As if one who arrived out of infinity's womb
He came new-born, infant and limitless
And grew in the wisdom of the timeless Child;
He was a vast that soon became a Sun.
A great luminous silence whispered to his heart;
His knowledge an inview caught unfathomable,
An outview by no brief horizons cut:
He thought and felt in all, his gaze had power.
He communed with the Incommunicable;
Beings of a wider consciousness were his friends,
Forms of a larger subtler make drew near;
The Gods conversed with him behind Life's veil.
Neighbour his being grew to Nature's crests.
The primal Energy took him in its arms;
His brain was wrapped in overwhelming light,
An all-embracing knowledge seized his heart:
Thoughts rose in him no earthly mind can hold,
Mights played that never coursed through mortal nerves:
He scanned the secrets of the Overmind,
He bore the rapture of the Oversoul.
A borderer of the empire of the Sun,
Attuned to the supernal harmonies,
He linked creation to the Eternal's sphere.
His finite parts approached their absolutes,
His actions framed the movements of the Gods,
His will took up the reins of cosmic Force.

Book Two: The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds
Canto Fifteen: The Kingdoms of the Greater Knowledge
Savitri by Sri Aurobindo


seeing myself as an observer through objectification

does the subjective suffering of self

make sense?

From futile factors of fate is there any recompense?

flirting with fire I invited an incarnation of unsatiation

and developed a disastrous desire demon with a dominating drive

contriving conniving and constricting my consciousness

like a kudsu vine

as an attentive gardener I rip out the

garrolous gnawing of greedy needs

and plant new seeds...


Dreams drip from the eaves

of my mind

into future's fertile soil

time will tell

of my sleep and my awakening

from nightmares

of not knowing

whence I grasped onto nothingness

in my being with no basis

on objects ostensible oasis

there is no flight for the fallen

when gravity buckles beliefs

into truths and feeling

finally finding

the floor

I rise up to face the day

of closed doors and



Am i awake now

in a state of lucid living?

or living a life in dreams...

which seems

more real to me?

an illusion of infinitudes

of somewhat intangible truths

or this ripe core of a rod of divinity

of a rich and vulnerable heart.

the only real is what I feel

I thought i finished,

but i start and start and start

together united

divided apart


~Images are Links~

as etherworld friends



in a race to defend
our spirit mind
we find
we make amends

our passion portends


connections real
in electric currents
of computers

:::and our hearts:::

in emotive resonances
we feel
the come~unity
we seal
in our dharma wheel

hope and love
as our consciousness congeals
and answers
to the disillusion
as we find a solution
to pop culture's
mind pollution

round about the world
sounding out the word
to unbound the herd
of sheep
to awaken those
who've fallen asleep

computational correspondances found
multitudes of mankind resound

we are firmly rooted and grounded

confounded no more

as we network

in our way

to pray and say

what we know

or care to dream

in this our



post modernistic meme



Some Art is Linked to Respective Artists

I am LVX

I am light

ignited by a flame
of eternal desire
my heart
a burning fire

I am honing the
eternal power
of my flower
feminine receptivity
in tune with my divinity

my fruiting manna
spirit dance of connectivity

I'm on fire
there is no denying my drive
it is who and what I am
whilst I'm alive
this is my being body
she emulates my carnal self
ripe lustful raw
and I feel no shame
only my erotic flame

I am reborn
from the ashes
I have risen to new heights
flights of fancy
had me crash and fall
but I am not scathed at all

and now I call
out in the ethers

set us free
let us be
and see
the seas
of our
as we flow
let go


~*Tree Wisdom*~

Tree DNA is surprisingly similar to human DNA. It has the same basic building blocks. It has the same bases. They're arranged in the same way. The genetic code is the same in trees and in humans. There's a surprising similarity.

~ Dr. Elaneor White

Please Press Play...

time lapse footage ~ "Seasons in Norway"

another form of us
shifting and changing
in cycles

there is a reason

I show you this
to see the life
of us
as trees

frees your mind
to see
who we are
alive in time

we are interdependent
the tree and human

our exhalation
is their inhalation
their exhalation
is our inhalation

the nitrogen cycle
is pivotal in our
symbiotic survival

Some Kind of Dream...

psychological eroticism

with intimate words

I'm spellbound

and intoxicated with

love, lust

and everything in between

he's like an apparition

a figure of smoke


and the smell still lingers in my psyche

breath less

with a heart beating faster

I am left wanting

& it is haunting...