We contain the same percentage of water as the plants, animals and planet...


Water still, water deep, how many secrets do you keep?
We look upon your surface calm, and feel the peace that is a balm.
Now the gentle stream runs faster, racing swiftly swiftly ---
Over boundless cataracts. Water -- share your energy with me.
As a big wide river flowing slowly to the sea,
It fills me with its strength. Love and peace now cover me.
Sunshine on the water fills everything with gold.
And silver from the moonbeams. Feel the joy you now behold.
Water in its many forms soothes the jangled nerves,
Isn't this a pleasure that everyone deserves?

Adelaide Rhead


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that glorious window to the soul

a whole beingness

a transducer of light

all those that exist

with sight

pondering what I see

and that I see

:::all that see:::

...are WE!





of photonic


for those

to have vision

in the minds eye

they are no different than you or I


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forms of finite bodies

of the myriad


what you are seeing


our self

in varying degrees of manifestation

we have been them all

this us

patterns of sacred geometry

into biological bodies

transcend the differentiation

we spring forth into matter

from another


patrilineal matrilineal

dual twin line

father mother


beyond the expanses of time...


see beyond the base

a traceless

beyond a trace


beyond space

the hidden meaning

behind the face

in thine

divine grace


the thinking


the feeling

human ness

beyond the perimiter of matter

beyond the structure and form

where there is only


is is is is is is is is is


this is all

i am



and ever shall be





behind the complication

behind the differences

behind the knowing

the silent





cathode anode

synodic cycles and waves


subjective worlds curled

in endless



inverted sublimation

nested infraction





embedded compression

objective worlds unfurled

continuous expansion

eternal unfolding




the compulsion

to understand

what commands

such performance

of presence



in all its perfundity





:::of being::::


beyond all stories told

beyond all ages of old

beyond space and time

beyond the sublime

subliminal truth

trajectories of






antithesis thesis and synthesis





::::I am that force::::



I am







factors of fact





What is Compassion?

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Your Nectar Compassion

You are beautiful, O Being Absolute,
I am Your slave.
In Your Victory is my victory,
My endless rapture.
My heart has suffered infinite pangs to know You.
Therefore I hurl the arrows of my sulk venom
at Your Heart.
Freed from errors, thought abolished,
No desire have I now.
O Beauty Transcendental,
I am the slave of Your Nectar Compassion.

Excerpt from "My Flute"
© Sri Chinmoy 1974

I know what it is to have passion.. But what of Compassion?

To help alleviate the suffering would mean rather than suffering along with others, to be altruistic or empathic of the suffering of others... To lend help to those in despair..

And to do so not out of obligation, but because we truly and sincerely care. I hope everyone engages in such practice from here on out and everywhere!

Hold Fast...

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"Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly, Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams go, Life is a barren field, Frozen with snow"

~Langston Hughes...


I surrender

"I will fight no more forever"

a Nez Pierce chief says

my inner self concurs...

I surrender

no reason to struggle with myself

I surrender


all is


I am


that is all

i know


I surrender

Sweet Sacred Sanctity

of all the poems, sonnets, stories, odes, symphonies, songs, movies and plays
of love
of all the marriages, births, and lives lived
of love
of all time in all of creation upon this planet
of love
is but a glimpse of the magnitude of
your divine love-ness

OH sweet sacred sanctity
thine divine expansive eternal one
how I would love to permeate all of your all-ness
in one divine and eternal embrace
a cosmic cuddle
to hug all of you
oh to envelope you in my warm embrace
I long for such!

To be your blanket
or your skin
or your clothes
when you make me warm inside
I want to reciprocate and warm your all ness too

To return all that which you are
to reflect all that which has been given in all that has ever been
I wish I could do that!
and perhaps I can!

a transcender of gender
a bond as one, above and beyond
sumptuous sacred bliss
to lift all of thee up EVERMORE

drink of my cup
I want to fill thee up
if I am a holy grail
I want you to handle me and drink
from my never ending nectar

where ever there is emptiness
wherever there is grief
I want to be thine relief

if your hungry
then I 'll shall be your ambrosia

i want to be whatever you want
whatever suits your mood

but then again that is my human ness talking

I know you are beyond even this
I want to speak to that beyond-ness
in ways that the challenge-less could even be challenged!

to be scintillating
to amaze even that which is beyond amazement
I would love to be that!

If I could be beyond even the ONE's wildest dreams
would be my dream come true
oh what I could do!

what I can do..
I AM but a fledgling
a sprout of a mighty evergreen
a newly hatched butterfly
a fawn learning to walk
a droplet of dew in your divine-ness

I wish I could be more than that
and perhaps I am, for if I am connected to all that is was and evershall be
I am more than I may perceive
I wish I knew more of your knowing-ness
I gulp your divine life's waters like I've been in a desert for all eternity!

I long to see your face
the face of the faceless
the trace of the traceless

If I could call out your name by all names forever, I would call them all out
in every tongue of every nation and even in languages from worlds beyond
and I would always follow it up with I love you in every tongue of every language that has ever been spoken or could be spoken

so therein lies the phrase, "I'll meet you in silence"
for expression of what I would like to express is the beyondness of speaking any words

I know this in my heart
that space that is beyond words
and it is such a tender space at that
:::blessed be thine tenderness!:::

and although you can never be destroyed
I still want to protect even your indestructability
that part of your provision
to disavow the desecration thereof
my love

If I could in every place and in every time be with you
as you were hurt
to console
or to heal


"could of, should of, would of..."

I know!

I just know that feeling in my heart
such longing to do what I was meant to do
to be what I was meant to be
the desire in me is beyond strong

always hungering to do more, to be more
more eternally more infinitely upon infinities of infinities to the power of infinities

I mean,


In my wanting, I need to learn to not want
yet I still want to surrender
and in wanting it so badly I know not
that I've surrendered already
that I am desperately attempting to cling onto more of what I already am
I have all that I need, so I need to recognize
that needs are always met
yet I forget
and then comes regret
regret for not having "real- eye"-zed sooner
for not being up to my own rediculous standard
for what standard can be set on
a fluid of change
I cannot be set
there in my impermanence
wanting some permanence
the conundrum has my head reeling
and floods me with such feeling

and your love for me is without condition
and I know this and even so
I cry
it is so moving
and I am bewildered and amazed at that
and I want to make you proud
but you already are
so why am I so hard on myself?

Thank you for allowing me this experience God

....your daughter Nicole


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it matters not

when we love
where we love
how we love


who we love

:::just that we love:::

that is our nature

and in that unfolding

embracing that pureness

just as a flower that remains open
to greet the sun
or the bee

so should we



the despair

feeling broken

and in need

of repair

attached to the pain

see all as a loss

with no gain

the horizon

the witness

all is beauty

the being

there in the seeing

embracing all that is

the release and the freeing

at peace


all together within

and in need of


Life... & A New Years Prayer

No shame

No regrets

Only.... NOW

we are free

to be

to want

to feel

what is real







being ness

what is


or fate

we are but experience

and the witness


travel like the leaf

blown in the wind

or be the wind

it matters not

:::just be:::


who you are


dancing particles

of shape and form

in energy

and time

nothing is new

all is ancient

and eternal

only recycled

moving within

and without





let go


to all

no struggle

no strife

just life


"New Year's Prayer"

Oooooo, Fall in light, fall in light. Fall in light, fall in light
Feel no shame for what you are [x5]
As you now are in your blood
Fall in light

Feel no shame for what you are
Feel no shame for what you are
Feel it as a water fall
Fall in light, ooh
Fall in light, fall in light, Fall in light, ooh
Fall in light, fall in light, fall in light
Grow in light

Stand absolved behind your electric chair, dancing
Stand absolved behind your electric chair, dancing
Past the sound within the sound
Past the voice within the voice

Leave your office
Run past your funeral
Leave your home, car
Leave your pulpit
Join us in the streets where we
Join us in the streets where we
Don't belong, don't belong
You and the stars
Throwing light

Fall, fall
Fall in light, fall in light. fall in light
Fall in light, fall in light fall in light
Grow in light

An Ode

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Creative unfolding
over time
like petals
of a flower in the morning sun

like a butterfly
I was drawn
to his nectar
of words

currents flowing
feelings flood
surrendering to the
ebb and flow
and dance of spirit

and attractions
magnetic and pure

if even for
a brief

however fleeting
well worth

Crests of Waves

"Reality is an ocean but we take it in teacups." ~Deepak Chopra

an ocean of emotion

beneath the undertow

or riding the waves

hate and denial enslave

~ love saves ~

surrender or refrain

overtaken with joy

or washed over with pain

from the crests of waves

to the trough

to the little eddies

and whirlpools

and the undercurrent


or getting

snagged and stagnant

then moving again

cycled and free

this way of being


emotional sea

Dark Night of the Soul

Last night was a dark night of my soul

no more soul searching

as I had been doing all these years...

I found the deepest core of my pain

facing my self made prison

when I was lost somewhere between idealism and reality

I found myself only in reality

My avoidance and denial piercing the very core of me

made the pain even the more visceral

lacerating my heart

so open, vulnerable, and giving

yet I never withdraw my heart

I wear it on my sleeve

I always thought I was honorable

I question all that I am now

I should be used to this

this life conditioning

and suffering

to be the lovely vitality of a human being

requires this

in my striving for perfection

I saw my reflection in the mirror

and it was ugly

I have been ruled by fear

I was in utter denial

My new realization has me faltered

I am no saint

I was a supernovae

but now I'm just a woman

with a vacuous black hole in my heart

a pulsar periodically giving off light

knowledgeable yet ignorant

wise yet naive

at one with all that is

yet isolated and alone

I had given in to loneliness

and made a bad choice

one that has me reeling

how to live with virtue

when I feel the absence thereof

how to live with dignity

when I've torn apart my valor

How can I heal the world

when I myself live with gaping wounds?

I question all it is that I am

to re-equate my value and worth

to shed my dead surface

and heal my screaming underneath

my soul is torn and indeed I faced a dark night

today I am still in the dark night of my soul

my now is rich with pain

a part of me wishes to change my name

to move to Europe and start a new life

but I'm a mother

I cannot do that to my children

but every part of me wants to start over

can I sign a new lease?

can I trade in my life like a used car?

I rode on the crest of waves

and have fallen

momentarily held under water by a rip current

and now gasping for air on the beach

like I haven't breathed in forever

I want to keep my focus on the moon and stars

my night is not so dark that I cannot see the light

I don't want to be so lost in my anguish and agony

to lose sight of who I am

a human




no one can save me

I am on this journey on my own

only god knows

what I'm worth

my self interest gave way to a deficit

I crawl into a cave

cold and shivering and naked

I've lost those garments

my security blanket is gone

and I cry like a baby

and the tears are unending

I've cried all night

and morning

no rest for the weary

my mind heart and soul

are vanquished

my idealism

summarily executed

I grasp at an unseen future

wanting to escape my now

there is no escaping

my self made prison

until I can dissolve the bars

I forged with the metals of my heart

I will lay in the hole I've dug

and carve out my own steps

back to the surface

I thought I was an eagle or a phoenix

but I am low and in my basest self...

I remain in turmoil

a scorpion



Strand of Silk

such a divine mirror

shows us a reflection of our souls

when we've lost sight of what we've shrouded them in

and help us loosen the garments

that have bound us

such a divine gift

being a true friend is when

one can act as a divine mirror

such a divine heart

with richness of feeling

the shift between love and pain

are but a strand of silk in weight

picture is a link

Like this silky thread, I am fragile yet strong

I will not be tangled in the web I've weaved

I am that orb spider and feast upon the flies

that fester on my lower self

One Voice...

With these words that flow through me

so to does the infinite energy for infinite eternity

and as we reflect,

we reflect the light

and refract the truth to illumine sight

and heal all those who are lost in fright

and transform all intentions from wrong to right.

blessed be this our most sacred choice.

to dissolve the separate illusion with ONE VOICE.











drink of my spring











I am a tantrica



dances of devotion











reaching into me





in my



ceremony of connection




such elation


of every excstacy

enveloping me






and blessed



gripped my genitals








of orgasmic


Pondering Life

spheres of atomic motion
forms within forms
nothing is inanimate

all is in motion
even if our eyes see stillnes
truly, it is not still

The question of whether there is life in the universe is entirely missing the point

In regards to "inanimate"

those who see that planets have no life
are deluding themselves
planets themselves are certainly alive

all of this being-ness abides by 
cosmic law of proportion and resonance

the same laws that govern the atom, govern the solar system, govern the galaxy, etc.


varying frequencies, speeds, velocities, coherency, bonds

all forms are made up of animate life

go beyond forms- see the energy in motion
in this way, one can see only life
thusly, there is no death as energy cannot be destroyed

matter is merely energy shifting from one form to another

from the atomic and quantum perspective, there is no separation...


all is + and -

in a unified field

Yet people are trapped in lesser dimensional thinking

That is about to change...

All the planets of our solar system and every other star you can see are connected....

Just like this image of the sun and earth.

We are continually fed life streams of energy.. Our atoms receive photons and we emit frequencies. This is why everyone talks about being a "light" worker.

With higher states of consciousness, we excite our own atoms to such a degree by our thoughts, feeling, and emotions- that we can magnify the output of photons we are penetrated by...

We can interact with our field much more than many might realize... We have only just begun to harness our potential...


divine we are
all connected
all stars
all one
all love
hear the call
from above
as below
we know
we are aligned
with one mind
a league in kind
until we find
a cure
to return to
what is pure
which is our heart
with true intentions
of love and peace
and it is then
only then that
our suffering will cease

Let Me Be

let me be
the forcefield that
blocks all the cruel intentions

let me be
the coagulent to stave
all this bloodletting

let me be
the protective coating
to allow the wound to heal

let me be
the energy to heal
even the wounds that are infected

let me be
the part of you that
regenerates where necrosis has had its way with you

let me be
the one who turned your life around
and got you off the gurney

let me be
the loving embrace
that rose you back from torment

let me be
the stillness where
any of thine mind which is lost in the storm can find shelter

let me be
the comfort to calm
ALL of your hearts in distress

let me be
the one heart and mind
that turned everything around

let me be
that beckoning sound
that inspired you to find me

let me be
the songbird
that gave you delight

let me be
that light
that you've been longing to find
while part of you was lost in the dark

let me be
the love in your heart that
makes everything that led up to now worthwhile

let me be
the life in your being
that invigorates you and rejuvenates you

let me be
the one in your program to
defrag the hard drive

let me be
the one that made all the difference

let me be
the one that allowed you to rest
when you needed it most

let me be the one
that came when
no one else would

let me be the one
that ended all the struggle

let me be the swaddling blanket
for the new born age
and the booties and the little hat

let me be
the nursemaiden and the milk
to make the newly born age strong and healthy

let me be the one
who gave you peace

at long last
the one who gave
until you no longer needed anything
and we could
just be together
in love forever....

and perfect
and in peace
and together
in harmony
and repose
and rest

I give off this from mine breast
my love for thee
for you from me

The Pathway

The path we choose to lay the course

where we strive and yearn to reach the source

all inside within our hearts

yet we look outside for answers

and struggle to reach that I AM presence

that has always been there

but we chose to overlook it

once we see what we desire

has always been there

when we see

we have placed the blindfold on our eyes

we'll breath that collective sigh

and know that we are free

have always been

and will always be

the power of the sun

within our very flesh

every moment of every second we begin anew

and this conditioning of ourselves is what we needed to go through

to know you

to truly know where to go

is to know that you grow

always striving toward the light

as above so below

as without so within

know this and you begin

unconditional loving and forgiving

we must also be living our truth

of which we know and begin to heed

then of course we fulfill our need

then we will be free from sin

to sin is missing the point

but the point I have to make

is with desire and a conscious will

no longer will we forsake

ourselves and our role to fulfill

the plan

to resurrect ourselves

and liberate man.

Understand that we can

and it is not later but now

we ask how

just believe

send out your calls to be the reprieve

all can be achieved

all will be relieved.

from the webs of light we weaved.

the new eternal tapestry

is ours to fashion

and we do this with our passion

in affirmation not negation

in a concerted concentration

a powerful consecration

overpowering our trials and tribulations

and aggressive conflagrations

healing all desecrations

with a collective mighty force of will

you choose what you want to feed into or fulfill.

know you harness the energy of god

we are one with the one

start to see the blessing in disguise

when you look into the mirror at your very own eyes

you are the one you've been looking for

you are the one that can turn it all around.

you are then no longer lost

you are found

the one you've been looking for all these years to get you through

has always been


My Song

I am like a nightingale

who sings out in the night when all are sleeping

I am like the hummingbird

whose song is so high, most do not notice

but my song has not gone unheard

a few have listened

and fewer have really heard

and yet I called out in my loudest tones

my song for all to hear

and my song was love

I know not what else I could offer

but my swan song

it seemed my life was only meant for thus

to offer my sweet sorrows

and desire to wake the sleeping

and my song went out into the ethers

and I was heard by a divine lover

and my call was answered

and now we make music together

and manifest more of that love

to spread through the cosmos

to weave a greater fabric

for our shape shifting being.

Flowing through me are the life's waters

and I'm assisted by my divine lover

as a Nereid to help all those lost in the stormy seas

Divine Love

Spread the love

its so easy to do

just feeling it in oneself

strenghtens love anew

recycling divine energy to manifest more light

redress the wounds and heal them right

harness the cosmos to make the love light shine

that power is bequeethed as yours and mine

we can refine

the fabric of life sublime

in our space and time

and prepare the ladder

so all might climb

out of the hole

we keep on digging

clear the path of thorns and walls

sound the bells through the halls

of the holy temples

so loud none can miss the sound

so none are lost and all are found

and we ALL resound

and no longer confound

our place upon this holy ground

The harm we've done will fall away

we'll heal the wounds

we'll see the day

when all is at peace

and no one will hate

and that time WILL come

that is our fate

if we but wish to manifest this

and I KNOW we do

so spread forth that loving light that moves through you.

That is what we were meant to do...


Breaking out of our shell
all stars birthing
as are we
in the eternal ages
writing in the book of life's
unwritten pages
coming into our selves
as sages
our new reality
a grand revelation
we have the power
of consecration
with our will
in magnified concentration
toward a new paradigm
of procreation


My Heart Sings

The swan song

earned me wings

My heart Soars

I am the ocean

and the waves upon the shores

and the shores upon the sands of time

this life's sublime

This sacred tree

is you and me

and we

are all infinitely

a part of the branches

and roots

and shoots

strumming our lutes

each one of us a sacred string

resonating in an orchestra of ONE

We are all tuning up for the prelude

awaiting the conductor

The masterful composer

the one who arranged us all to play

The illumination of our being

powering up our songs of love

in turn illuminating the fabric of life

adding our threads to the tapestry

the web we weave

a net to catch all those

who lose balance on the tightrope

WE are all in this together and together we see it through

and through

We offer up our power in our will to raise the bar

and in doing so, we become a star

a brilliant shining light

bestowing blessings to ourself

"know thineself"

that self is all there is

and we give to all there is, was, and ever shall be

A gift to thee from me

As a gift to you

Our gifts we bring from us for thine

We all are ONE

We are all DIVINE

and we SHINE!

Our origins are coming to the foreground

As we tune up to the homecoming sound

We resonate and chime in

The conductor's tapping with the stick

as we all await the moment when we begin

Begin to hear ourselves playing the song of the ages

The one foretold by the wisest of sages

and start to write a new world on lifes unwritten pages

our hearts- the sorcerers stones

a treasure without measure

and we all sing our songs of pleasure

giving thanks for having this gift we call life

boundless and beautious

and breathtaking and bright

We are about to have that feast

where we take the first bite

a glorious moment

standing at the precipice about to take flight

Many fledgling spirits hatched and exploring outside their nests

Meeting the Host of hosts and we are the guests

Ringing the doorbell, the bell sounds in our breasts

oscillating in rythym

our cosmic dance of love

restoring the provisions- as below, so above

The Awakening Of Mankind ...

The Awakening of Mankind

Feeling within me .. the calling pull of destiny's silver thread
Forgetting my worldly logic .. to follow my loving heart instead
Longing to find an answer .. to an unknown wanton yearning
Exploring the higher realms .. with my only intention learning

Disciplining myself mentally to trust the subtle vibe of my intuition
Awakening finally within .. to the profoundly acquired realization
Glimpsing bits and pieces throughout my life .. until I'm really seeing
Lighting the path I have long searched for .. deep within my being

Grasping the jeweled nuggets of truth I find offered to me along my
Trying to keep my astral focus .. as I deal with earthly life day to
Shuffling priorities in ways that probably make me to appear insane
Sensing all along that there is something so very wonderful to gain

Receiving messages that I know in my heart to be important and real
Allowing it to materialize within me .. the reality and truth I deeply
Divining revelations from the astral plane .. unveiled to be clear to
Meeting a stranger I've known from before .. a part of my group of

Experiencing insightful states of Divinely awakened higher cognition
Enlightening episodes .. making me re-remember my life's mission
Realizing at last .. the deepest essence of what we all truly are
Releasing the boundaries that keep us trapped in this reality's jar

Cognizing a truth .. the destiny of mankind .. so wonderfully profound
Coalescing in my mind for many years .. until the essence of it all I
Stepping right up to our predestined path of growth and transmutation
Glorying in being a part in all this .. mankind's epic leap in

Nurturing the innate knowledge .. held sacred by the depths of my soul
Growing the realization that we're all one entity .. struggling to
become whole
Relinquishing the ego .. to attain and become the higher self
Unlearning ingrained beliefs .. to accept my innately programmed

Enabling my spirit to unfold before us .. the pathway to set us free
Building the bridge between us .. and everything we were meant to be
Being one with the Universal Whole .. with which we are all entwined
Bringing together .. the esoteric pieces of the puzzle .. in my mind

Accepting with enthusiasm .. my realized part in this momentous event
Understanding that it's the whole reason I was into this lifetime sent
Letting it just bloom from deep within me .. as a seed turns to a
Enticing that spark felt inside .. to become a great flowing power

Opening my heart .. my soul .. the total culmination of my existence
Becoming fully energized .. without limit .. the apex of my quintessence
Knowing and trusting .. to the core .. intuitively received perception
Unfolding to joyously emerge .. as the concrescence of our conception

Revealing to me that I am the focal point .. the pinnacle .. the nexus
Unleashing my very essence to materialize the bridge that connects us
Sowing the starseed of tomorrow .. carried at the core of my heart
Emerging to fruition .. our true form .. of which we are all a part

Converging to our rebirth .. the awakening of mankind to consciousness
Cresting to the apogee of awareness .. to initiate our transmutational
Exerting to the verge to cognize the Epiphany .. That is before me
Striving with unbounded passion .. driven by true heartfelt inner

Focusing every drop of my willpower .. my desire .. my love .. my spirit
Pushing for every last ounce of strength I can possibly conjure .. all
of it
Digging to the root .. to the very center .. the crux of my inner
nature's core
Directing all of my energy into waking up to become something
ineffably more

Straining to breakthrough into awareness .. must only come to accept
it inside
Manifesting as our true form .. once from the truth I can no longer
Sacrificing everything .. giving it all .. holding back nothing ..
giving my essence
Crying out in ecstasy .. as we make our cognitive emergence into true

Shamanism - (etheogenicshaman)



The great awakening
where all is equal
where all is in harmony

is here
is growing
is flowing
is strengthening

the old way is withering
the darkness is slithering
back from whence it came

the void
the place below

I do hereby bequeeth
the great inheritance

the inheritance
you were destined to become

to become ONE
with the ONE

two lines in sychronicity
the parallel

the eleven
the twin
the equal sign

the balance of divine feminine masculine
the restoration
the perfection

the perfect +- energetic arc

the arc of the covenant

Eya Yod Atom


Mother Maitr Matter Eve


The holiest of the holies
arc of the covenant
is fulfilled

all from what we've willed

all is free
all will see

all is me
and I know
I as one

have done
this sacred dance

as initiated the chance
becomes manifest

I am
the guest
where I wanted to go

I am home
on the throne

all will unfold
the prophecies told
from the days of old
the era of gold

is set in stone
ignited in bone
the power I hone

the light I have shone

the maiden mother and crone

I am no longer alone

only all ONE

at one with the son

I rang my bell
I sounded my gong
my swan song

the grand high council
considered my request
for the best of the best

like the codex of Brucius
during the time of Armageddon


I am this


Nicole means
"tenaciously she labors betterment for ALL
dedicated leader, Victory is her call"

I made the call
loud and clear
and the ONE did hear

My destiny Oracle by the Glyphs of Tikal and the Maya:

I am the yellow electric human
I activate in order to influence
Bonding Wisdom
I seal the process of freewill
with the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of the yellow warrior
(thinking of the song "yellow" by coldplay)

the Oracle of Delphi

Delphi is the womb
Matter is the womb

I am Delphi
and the prophecy

there is no end

the end of time, just means
we will all know that we are infinite.

Infinite is not bound in finite
infinite is free
and that is we
all will see

THINE will be done
on earth as it is in heaven

THIS is heaven
Your wills are free
Will freedom to be

as the wise ONE of Hopi say.
"we are the ones we've been waiting for"

We are of the omniscient omnipresent, omnipotent
therefore we are the same as this

Our bodies- the church, the temple, the tabernacle

We already are the union of matter and spirit
all are motherfatherdaughterson
we are all the fifth element

Let us rise to the moment
we are meant
to know the meaning of life
the meaning that has eluded you

you will find
you will become ONE
with ONE mind

seperatism falls away
the new dawn
the new day
hear what I say
this is the NEW way

pray for peace
manifesting this
hostilities cease
peace will increase

our mind is POWER
the power of god is US
there is no them ONLY US
whatever leader you think will save you is you
buddha is you
jesus is you
all saints of all time
are you
we are one
and the same

be a player in the game
Check Mate!


To be drunk with love

Oh, I AM!

I am swept in waves
of drunkenness

and I want to drink that wine!

Until I can't see straight and I lay on the ground


and laughing!

Because that wine

is the absolute BEST reserve

of all existence

and I am so greatful to be offered the smallest of sips

and then I realize I'm swimming in it

there is nothing but this intoxication


this well spring of which I drink

is the Vintage of all Vintages


and is most certainly aged

to perfection!


My heart is ripe

like a giant artichoke

all purple and inviting


Oh honey!

The sun...

your love made me bloom,

and I invite you back to me

and you cannot resist me

our sacred attraction

that divine sex that makes such sweetness

I am glad to be such a flower

and for you to taste of my nectar and make more of that sweetness

for when you taste me, oh the exstacy!

Making love with you- the love of all loves

is indescribably glorious!

Glory Glory!

Morning Glory

This is a flower too, and I am that star flower

forever a bloom for the eternal morning of the golden dawn

the golden dawn...

Dawn is my name too

the eternal sun rise

you oh ONE have risen

for that is what you are

never fallen - always risen

and I always bloom in your light.

that is what I do

I Forever bloom

I blossom

my womb

and you merge with me

oh and the pairing

the mating

your love of my flowers

and my love of your being in my flowers

makes me want to bloom

So I bloom