Vibrations in matter
present in forms
From the macrocosm
to the microcosm
Reminding us of our
Source, an innate
transcending toward
in the field of forever...

Swarms, in spirals
we merry go round the
& as we traverse space
On this sacred blue sphere
We call here in this place
Planet Earth, Gaia, Terra,
with one satellite moon,
13 times round

per annual cycle
We spin
Around our star-
The reason we exist and
Are who and what we are.

By forming a planetary system,
We exist, in a fragile, beautiful ecosystem
Which can sustain a great deal of life

Yet, humankind have wrought
wanton destruction and death
Without a reverence for life

What should we nurture,
What is in our nature?
That celebrates and
Honors all walks of
our collective life?

The clarion call
Before All
Is to finally envision
And see
What the collective We
Reason for being
would be...

A diversity of lifeforms
in a biospheric entity,
comprised of varying degrees of entities
From kingdoms of elementals
Minerals, and sentient species
Through out the infinities.

All of life,
all that is in this now,
of the cosmology,
of all beings
within beings
nested in ways
humanity has yet to
understand how to see
Is a republic of one
Planetary entity
Only one race of species

What do we nurture?
That part of our nature
That knows we belong
To a greater being
And begin seeing
Why we should begin
To make reparations
So that our future lifetimes
in all forms might reap
the benefits of a more
hospitable home

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