Choice in Affirmation

I choose to live by choice,

Not by chance.

I choose to make changes,

Not excuses.

I choose to be motivated,

Not manipulated.

I choose to be useful,

Not used.

I choose self-esteem,

Not self-pity.

I choose to excel,

Not compete.

I choose to listen to the Inner-Voice,

Not the random opinions of others.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Choices made consciously at the cost of another's well being, privacy, heart soul their spirit made at the cost of another's family, sanity, at the cost of taking away from their quality of life, their day to day functioning, whine the price is sleep,depravation that goes on nightnafternnight, you proudly say you live consciously? How irresponsible, heartless and soulless and ultimately inhuman. There was another who lived,exactly as this, his name was hitler. Whne some,one pays the price for your fancies you neve win no matter how conscious, mindful and liberated you like tot hino you are. It's an excusemforminhiamnity.