love or in love?

no one can be in water in an empty dry river bed
we need a river filled with clean pure crystal clear water
to jump into the river and be in water

a heart needs to be filled with pure divine love
a heart needs to be connected to the source of love - the creator of love
a heart connected to the creator is a river filled with ever flowing divine love

the key difference between "love" and "in love"
is an absolute YES to each other
and a repeated continuous YES to all needs of loved ones

learn to say YES to the needs of love
and learn to open for the creator

to be a flowing river of divine love and to offer others
to be in love with you as soon as they open their hearts
the heart of the loving and the heart of the loved one needs to be open
- else none can be in love

and if your loved one refuses to open his / her heart
then it is time for her / him to lose all
to become aware of what he / she refused to accept and denied to give
and much later one day - all hearts hungry for love shall be open for
love and be IN LOVE again...


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