Some Art is Linked to Respective Artists

I am LVX

I am light

ignited by a flame
of eternal desire
my heart
a burning fire

I am honing the
eternal power
of my flower
feminine receptivity
in tune with my divinity

my fruiting manna
spirit dance of connectivity

I'm on fire
there is no denying my drive
it is who and what I am
whilst I'm alive
this is my being body
she emulates my carnal self
ripe lustful raw
and I feel no shame
only my erotic flame

I am reborn
from the ashes
I have risen to new heights
flights of fancy
had me crash and fall
but I am not scathed at all

and now I call
out in the ethers

set us free
let us be
and see
the seas
of our
as we flow
let go


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